What is SATOP?

The Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP) is a statewide mandated system of community-based education and treatment options for individuals arrested in Missouri for alcohol and drug-related driving offenses. Missouri’s SATOP program serves more than 30,000 DWI offenders annually who are referred as a result of an administrative suspension or revocation of their driver licenses, court order, condition of probation, or plea bargain (statutes). SATOP is also, by law, a required element in driver license reinstatement by the Department of Revenue. 

Completion of the SATOP program is a two part process. The first step is the assessment phase in which the individual must first be assessed to determine which class is appropriate for them based upon their responses to a number of questions designed to uncover addiction issues. SATOP program fees are mandated by the State in order to prevent unscrupulous providers from taking advantage of clients. Successful completion of the assigned class is the second and final part of the SATOP program. Classes range from 10 hours to 75 hours depending upon the result of the assessment

As of today, SATOP assessment fees are $375 while class fees will range from an additional $130 to $1500 depending upon what class level the client is assigned. Upon completion of the class, the SATOP provider should provide a copy of the SATOP Completion Certificate to the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR), the client and the client’s attorney if applicable. Upon processing by the DOR, the program requirement is deemed satisfied thereby putting the client one step closer to the return of their driving privilege.

Need to locate SATOP providers in your area? Please visit http://on.mo.gov/1Eut8qs

In some circumstances, we are able to successfully petition the Court to reduce the SATOP level to allow for a shorter, less expensive class thereby saving you both time and money. We encourage you to contact our office at 417-869-4680 or john@johnkail.com for more information.