Why Do I Need an Attorney to Handle my DWI?

People often ask me just how important it is to hire an experienced DWI attorney to handle their case. The quick answer? VERY IMPORTANT. Here’s why…

A drunk driving arrest may have many consequences, some of them lasting a lifetime, to the driver. A person arrested for drunk driving (DWI) in the state of Missouri may be subject to:

·         Jail and/or prison time

·         Loss of employment, scholarships and even their residence

·         Disqualification from future educational or job opportunities

·         Suspension/Revocation of their driving privilege

·         Thousands of dollars in fines, costs and program fees

·         The expense and embarrassment of an ignition interlock device

·         A substantial increase in insurance rates that may last for years

As you can see, even this partial list illustrates how being arrested for DWI in Missouri often has a significant impact in a person’s life. The good news is that many of these consequences can be minimized, if not avoided entirely, simply by obtaining the services of an experienced, well-qualified DWI attorney.

As our DWI laws routinely become harsher and more complex, you need someone on your side who will fight for you. You need someone with the experience necessary to protect you from the consequences of a DWI arrest. You need the Law Office of John D. Kail.

Having been an attorney since 1998, I have handled thousands of DWI cases both as a prosecuting attorney and as a criminal defense attorney. I have experience in all areas of DWI defense including trial practice, licensing issues and expungements.

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