Why We Fight...

On August 4, 2017, my client was found not guilty of the felony of Unlawful Use of Weapon after trial.

I was hired to represent him in April, 2015. In our very first appointment, he insisted he was not guilty of the offense. From that day forward, I and my staff worked diligently to do everything possible to exonerate my falsely accused client. We conducted a preliminary hearing. We took depositions of the State's primary witnesses--which turned out to be the deciding factor in the case--and fought every step of the way to establish that my client was wrongly accused. We prevailed and the truth of his innocence was finally established. 

As soon as the judge stated her verdict of not guilty, the overwhelming emotion and relief on my client's face was obvious. His life and reputation had been restored and he no longer had to worry about being labeled a felon, going on probation, or worse, being incarcerated in prison. After 2 1/2 years of stress and worry, it was all finally over and his life was returned to normal in a moment.

This is why we work so hard for our clients. This is why we prepare and do everything possible to benefit our clients. This is why we fight.