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Defending DWI charges in Springfield, MO and throughout Missouri

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DWI & DUI cases are some of the most complicated cases in the area of criminal defense. If you are charged with a DWI or DUI in the Springfield, MO area, you must hire a criminal defense attorney with the experience and knowledge needed to get you the best outcome possible for your case.. I have over 17 years of personal experience as both a prosecuting attorney and a criminal defense attorney. I have personally represented both the State of Missouri and individuals on thousands of DWI cases all over southwest Missouri. Additionally, I have been trained and certified in DWI Detection and the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing--just like all Missouri police officers--using the same manuals and techniques as law enforcement. This experience is why I have even been invited to train law enforcement officers on the proper procedures regarding DWI/DUI arrests here in southwest Missouri.

I have had the opportunity to help many people just like you who have been accused of DWI. I routinely obtain successful resolutions to DWI cases because our office is willing and able apply our skills to aggressively investigate and defend the case against you all while keeping you fully informed and engaged in your case.

When someone is charged with DWI or DUI, there are two situations occurring simultaneously. The first portion of your DWI/DUI case is the criminal case in the city or county court and the second portion is the administrative case which concerns your driving privileges. We promise to pursue an aggressive defense of your entire case at all times.

You need to know that a DWI conviction can carry very serious consequences. The criminal charges against you could result in jail time, probation, expensive fines and post-conviction requirements that can prove both costly and difficult to fulfill. A DWI conviction can often also detrimentally affect your professional or private life. and result in additional license suspensions. Our experience and intricate knowledge will help guide you through this complicated process while getting the best result possible for your case..

You should also know that when ticketed for a DWI,  you must contest the administrative license suspension or you could lose the ability to fight a suspension of your license. If you voluntarily provided a valid breath or blood sample and it tested over .08% (unless you are under age or have a CDL license) you have 15 days to file for an administrative hearing to contest the suspension. If the officer claims that you refused to give a valid breath or blood sample you often have 30 days from the date of your DWI ticket for us to contest the refusal suspension. It is absolutely crucial that you contact our office immediately after receiving a DWI so that we may preserve your ability to contest the DWI in both criminal court and also through the administrative process.

If you have prior pleas or convictions for DWI or DUI, including charges in other states, you may be facing felony charges and mandatory jail or prison sentences depending upon the number of prior offenses. The consequences in these situations can be extraordinarily serious and can impact you for the rest of your life in many different ways. If this is your situation, you must hire an experienced DWI/DUI attorney to defend you at all costs. I have the ability to properly investigate the case against you and accurately evaluate the evidence. You can trust me to handle your DWI with personal attention, professionalism, and aggressive courtroom litigation!

We will fight for your rights, seeking to have evidence suppressed and your charges reduced or dismissed. Call my office today at (417) 869-4680 for a FREE evaluation of your case.