Honest and Dependable

"Mr. Kail has helped me on two separate traffic incidents, an accident and a speeding ticket. Mr. Kail was very good at explaining the process of the case and kept me well informed throughout the entire process. Mr. Kail helped facilitate the claims process and is a very effective attorney. I have recommended him to family and friends and would highly recommend him for any of your legal needs."

Great lawyer. Very considerate. True professional.

"I made some mistakes and caught a few felonies when I was a teenager. When I hired John as my criminal defense attorney I immediately knew I was in good hands. John has a real swagger in the court room. He kept me calm and comfortable during my year long legal proceedings. John keeps you well informed and is patient with you every step of the way. I truly believe he cares about every person he represents. I once asked him something along the lines of "Why would you want to help me? I made the mistake, maybe I deserve harsh punishment". He just looked me in the eyes and reassured me he didn't see it that way. He told me he believed I made a mistake and he sympathized with me. At the time I really needed that. Also, John really helped me and my family with something that worked for us financially. Which I appreciate more than he will ever know. John did an outstanding job representing me and his card will always be in my wallet. I have 5 peers that I have personally referred to John for felony and misdemeanor cases and all of them have been happy with his professionalism and results."

A True Professional

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kail on two occasions. After receiving a questionable driving infraction, John worked to keep my record clean, and quickly dealt with the minor offense. He kept me informed every step of the way, and made it clear he would handle EVERYTHING. 

A year later, I was in the midst of a real estate fraud case dealing with a 'former' property of mine I believed I had sold years earlier. While this was not an area of specialty for Mr. Kail, he did a lot of footwork, helped me gather facts, and get pointed in the right direction. When it was clear he could no longer help me due to the specifics of the bizarre case, he helped arrange me getting help from a trusted colleague. I have since recommended John Kail's services to multiple friends and family members."

Best decision of my life!

"Hiring John Kail to handle my DUI case was by far the best decision I've made. I actually hired Mr. Kail because his office was directly across the street from where I was detained. When I met with Mr. Kail, he told me his plan of action, how we were going to wait until everything lined up properly, and try for the best case scenario. He told me that the facts against me weren't great with the evidence they had, but we would be patient with the process. We ended up waiting for 2 years to take my case to court, but Mr. Kail got my case dismissed and completely off my record! If I ever need a lawyer again I will definitely give him a call, and would refer anyone to him as well!"