Convictions for DWI or DUI or the accumulation of points on your driving record due to traffic tickets will often cause you to suffer a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Losing your license causes many problems and can be very expensive. Hiring an experienced attorney can often prevent these problems from ever occurring.

Driver Licensing Defense Services

At my office, we routinely handle cases involving drivers license suspensions and revocations. When possible, we seek to have a suspension or revocation removed and to have your driving privileges reinstated. 

I also place an emphasis on representing those individuals with Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL). Our office is well known in Missouri for our work on cases involving CDL licenses and our CDL clients are often referred to us by other attorneys due to our experience and knowledge regarding CDL licenses.

We understand that for CDL drivers, many times their employment is at stake along with their ability to financially support themselves and their families. We take great pride in applying our skills and doing everything possible to preserve the licenses of commercial drivers.

I also devote a significant portion of my practice to working with clients seeking either limited driving privileges (LDP's) or full reinstatements of their driving privileges, including those individuals who have successfully participated in DWI Court. My office handles numerous cases involving driving privileges every year and we would be pleased to assist you with getting your driving privileges returned to you as well.

If you are seeking an attorney for your driver licensing case in southwest Missouri, contact me today at (417) 869-4680.